All-in-One Universal Charging Solution

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All-in-One Universal Charging Solution

Need a convenient way to charge your phone on the go? The All-in-One Universal Charging Solution has you all covered!

Designed with a wireless speed charging function, you can now charge your devices anywhere! Just slide the card-sized portable charger out of your wallet or pocket whenever, and wherever you need

  • Multi-type charging line interface
  • iPhone and Android user friendly
  • Powerful charging
  • Charging can be used after the power is plugged in, and wireless charging is also possible in the bracket mode

Includes: SIM card pin, flashlight switch, TYPE-C to IOS adapter, TYPE-C to Micro adapter, TYPE-C to TYPE-A adapter, two-way TYPE-C adapter, 2 NANO SIM card storage                

Wireless Charging Phone Stand! – Want to be using your phone while charging? We do too! Use the smart phone stand that comes at the back of the All-in-One Universal Charging Solution to turn it into a charging phone stand and enjoy the most convenience right now! This is the perfect all-in-one gadget you can’t live without!

Ambient light source  We designed a three-stage switch, 3000K: ED, with a diffusing film on the reflective sheet, which can reflect 1W of hot river diffused light on the desktop or wall, thus creating an effective Polarized lighting to protect your eyes. 

Compact Dual Supporting Memory Reader – All-in-One Universal Charging Solution embraces the convenience of a memory card reader that support both Type A (Standard USB) and Type C. Get all the tech jobs done with just one!


The box works as specified, the top has some scratches and the "shelf" to support the phone while charging wirelessly is pretty thin. But all in all the box seems to work as designed, the wireless charging works fine (I did not test the TF interface though)

Shaibu M.

Tracked shipping always appreciated, arrived faster than expected

Angela S.

3 week shipping to Indonesia. Good product and it's working properly!

Angela K.

Item arrived on time, no troubles so far, wish it came in more colors!

Nelson W.
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